The Creation – Hitchhiking North America

The following is a photo album of a hitchhiking trip that I took in the summer of 2006. Initially the plan was to hitch out to Yellowstone and meet my father and brother for a backpacking trip, from there I would head west to Portland, Oregon and then south to California. as the trip progressed I realized that even the bast laid plans are subject to a bit of tweaking. In the end I made my way from Connecticut to Montana, dipped down to Mexico for a week, and headed north to Seattle through California. Hopping a plane to Alaska I made my debut on the great northern landscape with a the last few hundred bucks I had to my name tucked in my back pocket. After a couple of weeks I pointed east and rode my way back to my home state. When all was said and done a trip I hadn’t expected to last more than a month turned into a 78 day journey of self discovery. Enjoy!!

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