Your Adventure

Your adventure

Ever want to get out in the wilds but don’t have the experience, gear, or confidence to do it alone? Well, I’ve got good news for you…I’m available. With years of back country solo experience and a passion for all things outdoors I’ve learned the skills needed to take you’re idea for a trip and make it a reality. I’ve got all the gear necessary to take a party of 4 on a weekend backpacking trip in New England or can tag along on your cycling ride to the beach, documenting it along the way.

I’m currently offering services as an adventure photographer and guide in the following areas:

Hiking   /   Backpacking   /   Backcountry backpacking (off trail)

Downhill Ski/Snowboarding   /   Cross-Country Skiing   /   Snowshoeing

Mountain/Road Cycling   /   Motorcycle Touring   /   Roadtrips

Canoeing   /   Hunting

And solely adventure photography services for:

Rock climbing   /   Sailing   /   Dirt Bike Racing

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